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If you suspect that asbestos is present in your Perth home or business, don´t wait. Contact the Pro Asbestos Removals Perth team to arrange a visit from one of our specialist technicians, who will examine your property for traces of the dangerous material.

In Australia, asbestos cement materials were widely used in the manufacture of residential buildings from the 1940s until the late 1980s. If your home was built before 1990, there´s a good chance it contains asbestos, especially in the eaves, ceilings and internal and external wall cladding.

We offer a complete asbestos testing service for all types of residential and commercial properties, including apartments, houses, workplaces, shops, factories, schools and colleges.

Asbestos can sometimes be undetectable for a layperson, but as a leading provider of asbestos testing services in and around Perth, we know what to look for. We will conduct a thorough visual inspection of your home, college or business premises, and samples will be taken using hand tools. These are cleaned after each sample has been bagged to prevent cross-contamination.

All samples collected during our visit will be sent to our partner laboratory, which is fully accredited with NATA (the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia).

Asbestos is a broad term that typically describes six different highly toxic minerals. The three most common types used in a range of applications in Perth buildings are:

Chrysotile (white asbestos): This is the most common form of asbestos, a soft, fibrous heat resistant silicate mineral that is also an excellent thermal, acoustic and electrical insulator. White asbestos can be found in corrugated asbestos cement roofing, internal ceilings, walls and floors.

Amosite (brown asbestos): This type of asbestos is very flexible, has high tensile strength and excellent thermal, electrical and sound absorption. Brown asbestos was used in pipe insulation, cement sheets, ceiling tiles, thermal insulation products and insulating boards.

Crocidolite (blue asbestos): This is widely regarded as the most hazardous form of asbestos due to its propensity to crumble when disturbed. Because of its chemical, biological and thermal degradation resistance, it was often used as an insulator. For example, in pipe insulation and spray-on coatings. Crocidolite can also be found in ceilings, tiles and insulating boards.

When Should You Do Asbestos Testing?

NATA Accredited Testing Facility

  • Before any renovation project
  • Before demolition work
  • If you suspect or have found asbestos in or around your property
  • Periodically for friable asbestos if you are in an older building

If we discover asbestos-containing materials in or around your property, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for our asbestos removal service.

Our Services

Our asbestos testing service includes:

  • Testing with cutting-edge detection equipment
  • Asbestos inspections and gathering of samples from residential and commercial properties
  • Asbestos testing of internal and external areas
  • Asbestos testing at a NATA-accredited, state-of-the-art laboratory
  • A written report of our findings and recommendations

Why Choose Us?

  • More than 10 years’ experience of providing asbestos testing services
  • All our technical staff are licensed and qualified
  • Our results are 100% reliable
  • Full public liability insurance
  • Timely response
  • Affordable prices
  • Fully insured

Service Locations

  • Perth Inner City and CBD
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Western Suburbs
  • North and South Perth

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If you have suspect any asbestos in your property, we have the tools, the know-how, and the integrity to complete the job properly. Trust Pro Asbestos Removal Perth to provide you with an accurate and safe asbestos testing.